Monday, December 29, 2008

The Last Remnants...

It's been more than a month now since I last posted...
Just wouldn't want to miss the month of December without any. Well, I have been frantically busy during this month and barely had the time to write plus there haven't been anything much going on in the scene (that i got to know).. It's just the combination of everything that made me wished for a 48 hours day, barring more troubles that comes with it..

As u can see, the wall now is officially dismantled and waiting to be rigged at a new location, which is on the other side of the Youth and Sports Complex of Perlis. Umair, Ucu, Husin were the people who labored hard for the first two days before we had to call the old hands of Pak Non to come back and assist the work. Pak Non himself would draw the new design, he hasn't had any in mind the last time I asked.. hehe... Possibly a new challenge by modifying the structure... hope so.. after two years, we practically need a breath of fresh air !! Anyway, millions of thanks Pak Non for coming home from KL.
Do u know how hard it is to dismantle the bloody wall? It's only 12x6 panels but damn it's hard work. The structure is made of iron, and these guys had no machinery whatsoever to bring the heavy loads up and down. I think those who want a fast track in reaching 7b grades and above could really use this as a workout ..haha... Tired of training and not improving that much? Try to dismantle the wall and put it back, money back guarantee... The buffalo in Husin even lost his cool when I took these photos..

The dismantling part is done, I do wonder how many days would they need to put it back together. And I also wonder how much longer do we need to abstain ourselves from climbing the bedroom wall !

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